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B4A budget app example using B4Xpages, a tabhost, a SQLite database class, a CLVDragger class and a calendar dialog library class.
This is a step-by-step guide to building such an app.
A calendar made easy.
There are several solutions to a calendar/event app you can try out.
In this tutorial you can test an easy way of building such an app.
In this tutorial you can learn how to make a chess app. The app uses B4A two-dimensional arrays, array lists and maps to store all the game information in. It shows hints for every chess piece and the chess pieces can be "flipped" so the black player sees the pieces in a normal way (and not upside-down). There is also a feature to set up a board with a chess puzzle to solve. Games and puzzles can be saved and loaded at any time. This allows you to stop playing and save the game and at a later moment continue the game.
Working with SQLite databases doesn't have to be difficult. In this tutorial you can learn how to use SQLite databases in a Database Manager app. The app uses B4XPages, B4XDrawer, B4XComboBox, B4XTable, B4XDialog and CustomListView components. A SQLite database class module is also included. Instructions on how to export and import database files are provided in the first chapter.
A B4A example that uses JSON, MySQL and PHP for lists of Thai translations.
JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is used to get data from a MySQL database.
In B4A a JSON library is used to parse the received JSON object to a list.
A general to-do list app. This example demostrates the use of local textfiles to store information in.
The app consists of 3 B4X pages: category, subcategory and item.
The tutorial demonstrates how to use custom list views, a CLVDragger class and a CLVExpandable class.
MySQL workbench tutorial
The MySQL workbench tutorial takes you step by step in creating an EER diagram.
You will learn how to create an entity (or table) and attributes (or fields).
You can then indicate the relationships between the entities (tables) and with the 'Forward Engineer' part you can then have the entire database generated in MySQL.
In the PHP course you will learn how to use a PHP script to compose a web page. All programming language components are covered.
phpMyAdmin tutorial
With the phpMyAdmin tool you can create a MySQL database. In this tutorial the steps are taken to create, fill in and export such a database.
SQL select
In this course you will learn how to compose SQL select statements.
UML class diagram tutorial
This tutorial guides you through creating a UML class diagram. Step by step you build up a class diagram.
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